Powering a Sustainable Future

Our Commitment to Environmental Stewardship in the Datacenter Industry

1. Introduction :

At Fjordblock, we understand the critical need for environmental responsibility in today’s world. Particularly in the datacenter industry, where power consumption is high, we have an obligation to minimize our environmental footprint. We’re committed not just to meeting industry standards for sustainability, but to setting new ones.

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2. Our Strategy:

We integrate environmental sustainability into every aspect of our operations. Our strategy is built on three pillars: renewable energy use, cooling efficiency, and AI-driven power optimization. Together, these allow us to provide cutting-edge services while maintaining our commitment to the environment.

3. Renewable Energy Use:

We’re proud to power our operations with 100% renewable energy, sourced from Norway’s abundant hydropower. By choosing renewable sources, we significantly reduce our carbon emissions and contribute to a sustainable energy future.

4. Cooling Efficiency:

Our datacenters are strategically located in Norway, where the cool climate allows us to reduce our reliance on energy-intensive air conditioning systems. This natural cooling method significantly lowers our power consumption and further reduces our environmental footprint.

5. AI in Power Optimization:

We’re leveraging the power of AI to optimize our power usage. By intelligently managing our resources, we’re able to minimize waste and enhance our energy efficiency. This AI-driven approach not only boosts our performance, but also contributes significantly to our environmental commitment.

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6. Future Initiatives:

We’re constantly seeking ways to further reduce our environmental impact. We’re exploring more efficient cooling techniques, more advanced AI algorithms for power optimization, and opportunities to contribute to local environmental initiatives.

7. Our Impact:

Since our establishment, we’ve saved CO2 emissions thanks to our use of renewable energy and efficient cooling methods. We’re proud of our achievements so far, but we know there’s always more to be done.

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